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EXPO 2017 is where light bulb moments happen and big ideas become realities. Learn how to take your business to the next level at our FREE educational sessions and other paid events you won't want to miss.

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Wednesday Sessions -- FREE for Attendees

The Luxe Life
Have you dreamed of working on multi-million dollar deals with high-profile clients, celebrities, and investors but don’t know how to get started? What does it take to get a luxury listing? How do you effectively market the property to bring in top buyers? Get the answers and the insider secrets from top agents on how they broke into the luxury market and their strategies for success.

The Talk of the Town

Get your property buzzing, your open houses full of potential buyers, and more offers pouring in. Learn how to create immersive events and open houses at your properties to illustrate a lifestyle, show off special features, and showcase how the space can be utilized in real life. Get more eyes on your listings by repackaging these events and marketing the property on social media, within the community, and by getting press from PR agencies, reporters, and bloggers.

  Killing It - Top Producer Takeaways

Let’s be real – we all want to know how top producers do it. How did they reach their level of success? What strategies worked and didn’t work? What was their game changing moment or idea? Find out the secrets to their success, advice they would give their younger selves, and their top takeaway that has been essential to building their career.

  You've Got Questions, They've Got Answers

Ask a panel of top producers the burning questions you’ve always wanted the answers to. This user-generated session is for the audience to lead the discussion and ask questions, get advice, and learn something new from industry leading agents.


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work - Top Team Panel
Want to know the top secrets behind top teams? How do the top teams make it work? What are the biggest challenges and benefits of having a team? How do they create consistency, culture, and motivation? How do teams impact the client experience? Hear the answers from top producing teams as they dish out key advice and takeaways you can apply to build your team and make it thrive.

  There's No I in Team

We’ve all heard the buzz around teams – is it the right move for you? Not sure how to get started? This session will cover everything you need to know to build a team. Learn how to recruit and build team productivity, establish team culture, develop a consistent team structure and plan, tips on marketing and branding, how to work with your broker, and strategies for success. Go team!

  The Core Four - FB, IG, TW, SC for the Win

Social media is one of the easiest and most cost-effective marketing strategies to reach consumers of all age levels. They help generate leads, engage you with clients, tell a story of your brand and personality, and ultimately grow your business. Learn new ways to leverage your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat channels for business growth, key marketing strategies of each channel, and ways to cross promote and drive traffic to each of your pages.


Slay Social Media
Dominate your social media channels and stand out in a crowded space. Learn how to create social posts that speak directly to your clients, how to repackage content across different social platforms, get more followers, grow your prospective client base, and insights on the best posting times for maximum exposure.


Social Etiquette - DOs and DON'Ts
Etiquette is just as important online as it is offline to grow your lead pool, maintain good relations with past clients, and improve your marketing metrics. What type of content should you be posting and how much of it? How many hashtags should you be using? Should you delete negative comments? How quickly do you need to respond to someone? Hear the must-follow dos and don’ts for your social media channels to improve your social strategy.


Speed Reading - Negotiate with Personality
Negotiation skills are crucial for working with buyers, sellers, and other agents to get the deal closed, but not all negotiation strategies are one size fits all. Each personality type responds differently and knowing how to listen, communicate, and negotiate with each type is essential for your business success. Learn about the four personality types, find out which one you are, and “speed read” others in the room while practicing negotiation tactics in this interactive session.


SOLD! - How to Hear this Magical Word More Often
Finding leads and building lasting relationships with potential clients are crucial to your success. How do you find them and how do you close the deal? Learn how to shift your approach to making lasting connections, get tips on how to generate more leads on and offline, and strategies to contact and follow up with potential clients to turn your leads into SOLD!

  (Video) Content is King

Social trends, consumption of information, and marketing strategies are making a huge shift to video. Is your business strategy keeping up? Engaging content, personalization, and entertainment are essential components to your video marketing success. Learn how to connect with your community, keep your clients coming back for more, and create compelling video experiences that can be repurposed and used across all your social channels.

12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Wednesday Lunch Keynote: Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

In this powerful keynote, NY Times bestselling author Tom Ferry will share the distinctions of success he’s learned from his nearly 30 years of experience. With over 30,000 hours of personal coaching hours, you will learn from Tom the importance of a powerful mindset plus 5 other factors and 1 secret that all top producers master. Don’t miss this session… your best year ever is just ahead. 

Presented by Tom Ferry, CEO of Tom Ferry International and NY Times Bestselling Author

Ticketed Event

Wednesday Sessions - FREE for Attendees

The Power of Storytelling
Storytelling strengthens your brand, captivates your audience, and differentiates you from your competitors. In a cluttered world, it’s an effective marketing strategy to produce memorable content that will get you noticed. Get insights on ways to create compelling stories, ideas for episodic content, and learn how to execute and deliver these stories to your clients.


Has it Happened to You? Don't Be a Victim of Cybercrime
As part of your professional duties as a REALTOR®, your clients trust you with safekeeping important information and documents. Mobile tools and online platforms are being used often in business and in transactions, increasing the risk of cybercrime for you and your clients. Data hacking, identity theft and fraud are more prevalent than ever – be proactive and protect yourself and your clients from cybercrime. Learn what tools and programs will keep your files secure and how to respond in the event of a hack, virus, or identity theft.


Reframe, Refocus, Reimagine
Get motivated, energized, and ready to take your career to the next level by reframing, refocusing, and reimaging your business plan and execution strategies. Learn the secret daily habits you need to incorporate into your life for personal and business success.

Being High-Touch in a High-Tech World

In today’s screen-to-screen world, it’s more important than ever to build a powerful personal brand. Technology has changed the way we interact, conduct business, and live our lives, making the balance between high-tech and high-touch marketing essential. Learn how to blend the two strategies together, focusing on the importance of personalization, creating authentic content, and message delivery to connect with clients in a personal way through our screen filled society.


Video for the Win
Video marketing is blowing up our social media channels and is one of the most effective ways to reach consumers. Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, Snapchat, YouTube, boomerangs, drone footage, 360 videos, are all ways to connect with clients. With so many video options, how do you decide where to post your content and what type of videos to make? Get insights on what types of videos perform best on each platform and how to take your content and turn it into impactful video marketing.


Prosper as a Pro
Professionalism and upholding the code of ethics are vital components of success. Having a professional reputation amongst clients and other real estate professionals can be the difference between acquiring a new listing, getting a great referral, and ultimately success or failure in your business. Attend this session to learn how you can be a more professional REALTOR®, gain trust and respect from your colleagues, and improve the interaction between the two sides of the deal.


Communication Across Cultures
How do you handle cultural differences in a transaction? Learning how each culture communicates, understanding their customs, and breaking down the barriers can make the difference between landing or losing a listing. Hear from a panel how their cultures communicate within real estate, what strategies work and what are red flags, and find out the keys to success working with clients from different backgrounds.   

EXPO Sponsored Sessions - FREE for Attendees

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Wednesday Paid Events
9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Broker Conference

One day. By brokers, for brokers. Devoted entirely to your brokerage. Sessions include thought-provoking and strategic discussions with inspiring leaders from firms large and small, what to know before going out on your own, what’s working, tools and strategies for the future, and leading your firm. Learn about protecting your brokerage and how to boost profitability from your peers. This is a unique opportunity to network with leaders of brokerage firms large and small from around the state, join the conversation on what matters to your brokerage, your agents, and your firm’s clients. Cocktail Reception included.

Ticketed Event



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